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The Memoirs of an Angel

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Desmond said, “At that, there was a great whirling noise in heaven. Michael laid hands on Satan and physically dragged him away from the temple. Satan struggled and wrestled with him, shouting the most horrible cursing and obscenities that were ever emitted in heaven. These evil sounds would never be heard again in the heavenly realm. Satan’s face was no longer beautiful, but contorted with rage and fear. His eyes bulged from his head as Michael’s arm encircled his throat. The battle was fought for what seemed like an eternity, with neither one having a clear victory.”

In The Memoirs of an Angel we travel throughout Biblical history and see major events through the eyes of Desmond, an angel who is writing his memoirs. But Desmond records what transpired around these events where the Bible remains silent. Go with Elijah as he faced the priests of Baal alone. Travel with the wise men on their dangerous journey following the star. Sneak out of Bethlehem with Joseph and Mary as they flee to Egypt. The book is alive with adventure and danger as Desmond struggles with helping humans cope with super-human events.

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3 reviews for The Memoirs of an Angel

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Charles Geist, Jr.

    The Memoirs of an Angel is a work of fiction by Lyle Way that narrates the experiences of an angel named Desmond who is sent by the Father in heaven to interact with the men and women of God during many of the events that are recorded in the Bible. As a memoir the book is written as though from Desmond’s pen and reveals what the angel has experienced.

    Memoirs starts with the angel Desmond’s creation, and the creation of his fellow angels in heaven. Through Desmond’s thoughts and experiences the reader learns what might have gone through the mind of a being who has just been created by the Almighty God and is becoming aware of his new existence. Desmond recounts his experience at the creation of the earth, of Adam and Eve, and the couples act of disobedience that caused the fall of mankind.

    Desmond is sent from heaven during the life of Noah and sees the enormous undertaking of the construction of a vessel that would save its 8 man crew and a sampling of all the animals in the world. Desmond sees that Noah is a wealthy man who pays for the construction of the ark from his own funds. Lumber mills are constructed near the forests that would yield the lumber that was used to construct the ark. The angel describes in detail the stages of the construction of the vessel that when finished would be the size of a modern small ocean linter. Noah’s sons are in charge of the teams of men who were hired to build the ark. Desmond describes the construction of the many rooms for the animals and apartments for Noah’s family. And through Desmond’s account the reader sees the catastrophe of the flood that covered the earth.

    Desmond visits the earth during the lives of Elijah and Jonah, and aids those 2 men of God to complete the tasks to which God called them. The angel is on hand to help Esther save the Jews from annihilation.

    Desmond’s last assignment is to aid Joseph and Mary. Desmond follows the couple from Bethlehem and then to live in Egypt after God warns Joseph to flee from Herod’s attempt on the life of the King.

    Matthew reports that Magi from the East arrive at Bethlehem to worship the King. If the reader of the Scripture is like me, then he may have read a commentary or two and understood what scholars have concluded about the Magi. They came perhaps from the Empire of Parthia (essentially present day Iran). However, Mr. Way weaves into his story that this journey to pay homage to the King would be a long, arduous and dangerous undertaking. Transport in the form of camels must be arranged, provisions obtained, and even armed escorts have to be hired. The animals and cargo of the caravan were valuable and would have to be guarded. And even though well prepared the journey to Bethlehem would be completed only with great sacrifice.

    After the death of the Savior Desmond goes to earth and appears to Pilate. Desmond convinces Pilate to explain his reason for ordering the crucifixion of the Lord. Pilate explains that he was more worried about damage to his career in the Roman Army then with the crucifixion of an innocent man.

    Through the character of Desmond the reader of Scripture gets a plausible behind the scene look at people, places, and happenings of many of the events in the Scripture. I found the book both entertaining and thought provoking.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jackie De Vore Lindsey

    Over the weekend, as I began reading, your wonderful writing; my heart swelled; my smiles grew, my love for our Lord grew tremendously!

    And, the admiration for you, and your “way of defining, and of delivering God’s wonder” was unbelievable!

    I do believe that YOU…are Desmond! You have made history such a great reality…and I’m not even thru yet!

    It is fun; it is wonderous; it is, of course the History of our world! My special thanks to you for writing it down! For living the experience and for sharing it with me, and others!

    I am still in awe, and have to make myself “do some work” instead of sitting down, right now, and reading the balance of the book.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I just finished The Memoirs of an Angel, and I saw your reference to the Pharaoh who “had worshiped one god centuries ago.”

    You were very clever in interviewing the major players in the “trial” and execution of the Lord. And it was fascinating to me about the details you supplied in the three who came from the East. I had always read in the Scripture that wise men came from the East but I never thought about what that journey actually involved. In my mind they just “came from the East.” No big deal. It never occurred to me that that was a long, arduous, and dangerous undertaking that required a great deal of preparation and planning.

    I enjoyed your book, and it gave me a lot to think about.

    Still no scent of frankincense coming through on my computer. But if I do catch a hint of that odor then I will definitely tell you.

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