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Espionage at Sea

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In the darkness, the ancient freighter plows through the black waters of the South China Seas on a covert black operations mission with the future of the United States at stake. On board, Aristotle Tucker and his unlikely team of CIA desk jockeys and a Chinese woman sailor are dedicated to finding the 7th Bureau of the Chinese Army, which is instigating cyber attacks on America’s government and universities. They must make their way alone into hostile China and find this bureau and destroy it.

Aristotle Tucker is one of the best CIA operatives in the world, but his assignment may very well be his last. He has only his faith in God and a few untrained friends to help him as he tries to put the 7th Bureau of the Chinese Army out of commission. His only firepower is his trusted Browning automatic. Not much protection from the well-armed Chinese army. But he must find this bureau before the cyber attacks unlock even more valuable secrets from the Pentagon, leading universities, and major private companies. The loss of these secrets could make our country vulnerable to future military attack and the threat of complete destruction.

Lyle Way creates a vivid portrait of what could happen if hacking were undertaken on a massive scale. Will Tucker be able to disarm the Chinese before it’s too late? Discover a thrilling world of adventure in Espionage at Sea.

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1 review for Espionage at Sea

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Just finished the book, Espionage at Sea. Congratulations on another thrilling journey with a unique group of characters.. Well done my friend. You have set the bar very high. It will take hard work on my part to reach it.

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