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Deadly Sins of the Fathers

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In the year 2038, Dr. Steven Ohrman is doing university research in DNA and cell biology in Chicago. He is struck by the idea that brain cells go into hibernation upon death. Seeking to tap into the brain cells of deceased individuals to review their lives, he hopes even to access the memories of the fathers that are genetically passed on.

Meanwhile, the mysterious figure backing Dr. Ohrman, Mr. Diablo, is also orchestrating the Global Life Party’s hijacking of all the political elections in the United States. The goal is to replace religion with secular humanism and to replace capitalism and democracy with socialism.

Deadly Sins of the Fathers is a unique suspense novel that lays bare the pitfalls of current dangerous trends in America. Fast-paced and tension-filled, it details the undiscovered possibilities of science and the dangers of corrupt ideology. But even in a dystopian future, God is still seeking those who will follow him.

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1 review for Deadly Sins of the Fathers

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dr. Paul Collins

    After receiving the idea of writing about the Biblical concept of the sins of the fathers being passed along to the 3rd and 4th generations, Lyle Way did his research and allowed creativity an opportunity to bring a great story to our attention. I am astounded by the combination of due diligence and inspiration that will be quite obvious to the reader of this tremendous tale with a story line set in the future.

    Lyle Way is one of the truly great authors on the current literary scene; and among Christian novelist, he has no equal.

    Don’t begin reading “The Sins of the Fathers” until you have time to take the journey from the beginning until the end. It is magnificent!

    Dr. Paul Collins, M.Div.; Th.D.
    Acts Ministry
    Springfield, Missouri

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