America; this great and giant land.
Whose night skies glisten with points of crystal.
Mountains of grey and green support the sky
And impede the restless wind.
Cold, clear rivers hasten down fern covered slopes,
Anxious to join meandering, brown waterways.
Golden plains without boundary,
Enough grain to feed a starving world.
You give willingly, rarely thanked.

Native Americans lived and hunted in your dark forests
That reached the horizon and beyond.
Pilgrims came to your shores, seeking freedom and peace.
You grew and became mighty,
Tempered with truth and honesty.

Men long forgotten fought and died,
Rest in graves in unpronounceable places.
They were sacrificed in your name.
Greatness is your mantle,
Humility and courage your strength.

Now, great men have withdrawn.
Evil and witless men have wrested power.
They govern in darkness, sneering at justice.
Honesty and hard work are derided.
The thieves of greed and violence steal moral strength.
Enlightenment is smothered by base, animalistic lust.

Now, your very existence is in peril.
Enemies devise intrigues to encircle you,
They plan to kill and loot your wealth.
They plot murder and hope to enslave the innocent
Who have put their trust in fools.
You have been weakened by treachery,
Your strength sapped by stupidity.

Will you disappear from history’s stage silently?
Will you appease? Will you surrender?
NO! One more battle to be fought by desperate men.
More death must come before history prepares your grave.
You must not disappear. You are the great experiment,
The greatest man has designed. You must survive!

Patriots still breathe, but they are leaderless.
Men still love freedom, work hard, love families.
Perhaps some unseen and unknown god
Will grand an audience to hear our pleas.
Perhaps rescue will come from the cosmos.

Perhaps it must come from me.