Two score and ten, or so it seems.
I first looked into your eyes, we were in the gym.
The deepest brown but with sparkle bright,
They looked at me, I lost my breath.

On that day my life began,
When you said I could come by.
Together we went to some forgotten place
Time, now so precious, moved slowly, delicious!

Just being with you, to touch your hand,
Caused my breath to labor and my mind to swim.
Your beauty, your laugh filled the world
With life and love and joy.

Though years have crept in, then swiftly left,
Nothing still thrills like your smile and touch.
The galaxy attempts to outshine your brightness,
But fails, miserably, to win the contest!

Every day, dearest one, every single day,
You brought me “Joy unspeakable, and full of glory!”
To have shared time and trials, winnings and defeat,
With another is unthinkable.

When life brought times that tried our souls,
Never a complaint did you express.
Always positive, upbeat, full of courage
You lifted and encouraged me.

When business took me other places
It was time lost, there was no concentration.
My only thought was when I would see you again,
And revel in your smile and your “welcome home.”

You never chastised or
Compared with others more successful.
Darkness that haunted, fled from your light.
Never angry or moody even when in pain.
Always bright, cheerful and positive.

Now, seasons have come and gone away.
Instead of an office I’m driving a bus.
Still, I consider only how long till I see you again.
You are my love, my life, my “Pearl of Great Price!”

Christians think of heaven yet to come.
I know better, it’s here, now, because of you.
Life with you has been a privilege, an honor
That has been bestowed on no other!

Gabriel is searching his heavenly realm,
For one is missing from that great host.
Fear not, Gabriel, for she is here!
Her name is Darlene, she is my life!