Perhaps the New Year Will be a Turning Point

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I am not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions but I do fear that this year could be a turning point in the life of this great nation. The daily news surrounds us with tales of wickedness, sadness and stories of how ISIS is out to kill us with sleeper cells of lone wolves ready and anxious to strike.

A lot of people are running for the office of President of the United States. All promise to protect us from the evil abroad and at home, but I feel that it is mostly hot air from super egos.

The real answer to all of this horror is that the Lord may be withdrawing His blessing from this nation because it has turned its back on Him. We have taken His name and made it a swear word; our government has removed any mention of Him from the government; and He has been removed from our schools because we might offend an Atheist. Christian people are called racists and bigots in the name of political correctness. And worst of all, we have murdered over fifty million babies in the last few years. How can a just God put up with this kind of behavior?

Jonah ran away from going to the people of Nineveh because they were an evil people beyond description and he felt that if they asked for forgiveness God would grant it. The Bible tells us that he finally did go and preach to them and the whole city prayed; covered themselves with sackcloth and ashes; and were saved. Perhaps we need a new prophet to pray for us so that we might be spared from a Holy judgment. Perhaps!

Many of those running for office claim to be believers, but this may be just to charm those in the church. Others are surely secular Humanists who have no faith except in big government with more rules and regulations.

Be very careful how you vote…check them all out before it’s too late!



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