Why Are You Trying To Sell My Books To Me?

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Is it just me, or am I imagining that my publisher is always offering me a special deal if I buy more of my books: Buy 200 and get 100 free: Buy a larger number and the freebies get larger and they might throw in some free bookmarks. These offers are not a rare thing. A new one seems to come out every week or so.

I realize that publishers are in the business to publish and sell books, but am I their only customer? What about selling my books to the public so that I can receive of those elusive royalties? They always ask, “What are you going to do to sell your books?” May I ask, “What are you going to do to sell my books?” I can’t remember when I have received a marketing tip to help sell my novels that didn’t cost a fortune. To get listed on a promotion of my books to Eastern Television stations would have cost so much I would have had to sell the house to pay for the privilege

I don’t want to sound bitter, but come on guys; a little help would be appreciated. Give us some new ideas that work and are not just money making schemes. How about having some of those brilliant young people fresh out of college do some thinking for the author for awhile. I would appreciate it very much.


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