I Think I Have Seen A Small Miracle

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Yesterday, 6-28-15, I received a message that a neighbor had been notified that her son had been killed in Seattle, hit by a drunk driver while riding his bicycle, leaving a wife and two little girls. A little later I took our little Shih Tzu puppy, Sammy, for her walk down our street. She stopped after two blocks and refused to go further, so we turned around and headed home. Who should we happen to see? Our neighbor walking her dog! I stopped to offer my condolences when Sammy walked over in front of her and sat down. She looked into the lady’s eyes and gave a little cry. She walked a little closer, sat down, and again looked into her eyes and cried the little cry again. I told the lady that I think Sammy knew that her heart was breaking and wanted to share her sadness.

This has never happened before: Sammy ignores people on our walks, and she never barks or cries. So, we HAPPENED to turn around to come home when we HAPPENED to see the lady, where Sammy just HAPPENED to sit down in front of her and HAPPENED to cry a little cry twice while looking deeply into the lady’s eyes. The woman reached down to pet Sammy, and we were on our way home. With tears in my eyes I thanked our Lord for allowing me to witness what I believe was a small miracle.


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