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The events after the first of the year are happening so quickly that keeping up with them requires the help of a secretary but my dear heart already has her hands full keeping me plugged in with writing a new novel. A wonderful pastor friend of mine asked me to write a novel that talks about how Christians could come under attack from our government. Manufactured events by officials of the government and the news media could make our lives very miserable. So that premise is consuming my efforts now.
A novel that I created several years ago, titled, The Edge of Disaster has now gone through its second printing. It has picked up steam in the last year on Amazon and E-books. This, of course, makes me very happy. I can also report that sales of our books at Hastings Book Store have moved rather well lately, which also causes me to smile. We will have a signing at Hastings on 50th and Indiana a week from this Saturday, with more scheduled in March.
I can report that the Slatonite Newspaper in Slaton, Texas continues to publish my short story mysteries that run as serial articles each week. It takes some work to keep them supplied but so far so good. I have started my second year of this labor of love and writing them has been a real joy, and the paper seems to be pleased. So all is well!
I pray you will have much happiness and success in the coming month.

Because of Him alone,


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