I Think I Have Seen A Small Miracle

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Yesterday, 6-28-15, I received a message that a neighbor had been notified that her son had been killed in Seattle, hit by a drunk driver while riding his bicycle, leaving a wife and... READ MORE

Latest Book

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This was sent from Dr Paul Collins, regarding my latest unpublished book. It will be sent to the publisher soon! I am at a loss for words … seriously! … regarding your latest work. It is the most powerful and … Continued

Comment from Jackie

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We received this lovely email from Jackie, and wanted to share it with you. Do you know who Lyle Way is????   He is our Christian Novelist, who lives on South Lake Shore Drive….right here…. and, he is also one of … Continued


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The events after the first of the year are happening so quickly that keeping up with them requires the help of a secretary but my dear heart already has her hands full keeping me plugged in with writing a new … Continued

Review by Avid Reader

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Written by Jackie De Vore Lindsey: As an avid reader of “drama, mystery  And suspenseful events”, am ready to  devour the words by my favorite author, and anticipate the encounter with a familiar Character, my Lord,Jesus Christ,  by Whatever name … Continued

Unequaled Story Teller

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Written by Dr Paul Collins Founder Acts Ministry: Your books are a tremendous example of creativity. The way you tell a story is unequaled in the field of fiction. As I read your Christian novels, I sense the inspiration of … Continued

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